Letters to the Editor

'Legitimate statement'

Can't the public see through the smokescreen of the conservatives' feigned indignation regarding Sen. John Kerry's legitimate statement? That statement pointed out the unequal burden of military service in the killing fields and alleys of Iraq that is imposed by default on the undereducated children of Americans who are economically underprivileged.

The statement was just one more of many unpleasant truths about the failure of conservative leadership in our Congress and our White House that they persist in being in denial about.

What proportion of our population with bachelor's degrees and master's degrees in business administration return dead or maimed from Baghdad? How many of the children of our wealthy and power-wielding politicos (such as our hypocrite-in-chief and decider George W. Bush) have put their precious children's lives on the line?

My heart goes out to those families who have children who lost lives and limbs to perpetuate the war lies of our conservative politicians. Let's just say "No!" to their lies, vote them out of office on Tuesday and bring the children of America back home where they belong.

Berl Jay Hubbell