Letters to the Editor

Mental health changes

A publication documenting the recent Mental Health Forum was presented to the Fresno County Board of Supervisors on Oct. 24. The Bee made no mention of the publication, nor that it was the League of Women Voters of Fresno and the National Alliance on Mental Illness that did much of the work, along with Supervisor Henry Perea's office, to produce the forum.

The supervisors' agreement to have a second forum featuring consumers, rather than experts, resulted from a recommendation made by the League and NAMI in the publication and at the Oct. 24 meeting.

The most important statement in the publication is that the participants agreed that when considering any structural change in mental health services, the important characteristics were vision, leadership and comprehensive high-quality services. While this was noted in The Bee, the article neglected to indicate that this was a direct quote from the publication as well as from the League presentation to the supervisors.

The documentation of the first forum is available online at the county Web site; a videotape of the forum will be available through county offices, the League of Women Voters and NAMI.

Judith LaCroix


League of Women Voters of Fresno