Letters to the Editor

Miller offers vision

While I appreciate your Oct. 25 story on Blong Xiong's campaign and am encouraged to hear of his efforts to engage the community in the democratic process, you may also want to recognize the grass-roots effort that has attracted another disenfranchised segment of the voting populace: young voters.

Our political communications class at California State University, Fresno had the opportunity to hear many candidates, including a current member of Congress. One candidate answered our questions honestly and intelligently, and actually offered students a vision for Fresno. That candidate was Scott Miller.

His opponent, Blong Xiong, offered up more of the indecisive political speech many college students have heard before.

Scott Miller inspired many students in our class to volunteer for his campaign. Not one volunteered for Mr. Xiong's campaign.

Scott Miller challenged us to participate in the political process and to join him in working toward a better Fresno.

The Miller campaign has engaged an entire younger generation that is hoping their involvement in the political process will bring about change and inspire younger voters to participate in the democratic process.

Lori Eden Devine