Letters to the Editor

'See you at the parade'

Once again, Veterans Day is almost here and once again I ask Fresno to support its veterans. This year promises to be a great parade; American Indians are the grand marshals. Last year, Vietnam veterans were grand marshals, and I was all dressed up in my jungle dress, M-16 and all. What an honor it was for me to have appeared on the front page of The Bee passing out candy to the children.

I'm a proud Vietnam and Desert Storm veteran. That's why Nov. 11 is special to me and to so many other veterans. This year I'll be dressed in my Desert Storm uniform passing out candy again.

Let's not forget our troops who are fighting the war on terror. Remember that the price of freedom is not cheap. I recently went to the Clovis Cemetery to pay my respects to the three Marines who paid the price for our freedom.

Whatever happens, let's not forget our troops. I've got my flag waving high, day and night, seven days a week. That's my way of saying thanks. Just thank a veteran today and especially on Nov. 11, Veterans Day.

And I'll see you at the parade.

Adolph Reyes