Letters to the Editor

No answer from Nunes

In August, I received a newsletter from Rep. Devin Nunes in which he said, "Operation Iraqi Freedom is one phase of the overall plan to bring freedom and democracy to countries that have struggled for years under the rule of dictators and tyrants."

I wrote asking what he meant by "overall plan" -- did he mean Syria, Iran, North Korea, Cuba? He didn't answer. I wrote again, and he wrote back but never answered my questions. I wrote a third time and he refused to answer.

I take a dim view of anyone who refuses to explain what he means, especially an elected representative. I have been told he was a "no show" at four scheduled debates with his coming opponent. He knows I am a veteran of World War II and I thought he would show some respect and answer my question.

I ask him now: How many more young Americans will be killed, wounded and suffer from post traumatic stress disorder when he activates his overall plan?

Lou Bestenheider