Letters to the Editor

'More blind alleys'

"Activists sleep for homeless" was a recent headline. We who spend our waking moments working with homeless people see a very different picture than the "activists" do.

We know there is a huge difference between homeless people and street people; between unfortunate men and women who seek a new direction and those who don't.

Evangel Home is a shelter for homeless women and children. The alley behind our home is often filled with street people using or selling drugs and by prostitutes. This is a glimpse of the group for whom the activists staged their "sleep in."

These people often create dangerous and unhealthy situations, forcing us to call the police. The Fresno Police Department is always prompt, polite and professional. I am amazed at the patience and respect they show the street people.

Some citizens believe the homeless population is all the same. Cops and those of us who work with them know that homeless people and street people are different groups and that in each there is as much diversity as in any other group.

The well-intentioned effort of some who stage sleep-ins to romanticize the plight of street people will just lead them down more blind alleys.

Gerre Brenneman

Executive Director

Evangel Home