Letters to the Editor

District needs Pat Barr

The Oct. 25 letter from Smadar Sievert in support of Michelle Asadoorian is critical of incumbent Pat Barr because she voted to "save a budget that didn't even need saving."

But the fiscal crisis at the Fresno Unified School District was not a figment of the imagination of the board. It was verified by the Fresno County Office of Education. It was further verified by the Fiscal Crisis Management Assistance Team brought in by the state Superintendent of Public Instruction and further confirmed by the Fresno Unified Citizen's Advisory Council.

Pat Barr made decisions that were fiscally responsible. Fresno Unified does not need board members who will put their head in the sand and put us back on the path toward a state takeover. It needs board members who will ensure a fiscally stable foundation for the district so that laser-like focus can be directed to academic achievement. In short, it needs board members like Pat Barr.

Dottie Rohlfing