Letters to the Editor

'Denounce these tactics'

The Fresno Teachers' Association does not want to be associated with its most recent postcard blaming Patricia Barr for problems that existed long before she joined the Fresno Unified School District board in 2003. Why else would they delete FTA's name and logo from the mailer?

If you read The Bee articles on FTA's postcard, you'd know Fresno Unified has begun to address these serious issues. But critical paragraphs are covered up, because FTA does not want you to know the facts. Major change is currently underway.

FTA-endorsed candidates should denounce these tactics, and be cautioned. They will be subject to these same deceptive tactics if they don't tow the line.

Who would run for school board were they to be blamed for every long-standing problem -- low test scores, high dropout rates and a fiscal crisis, the very problems Patricia Barr has worked so diligently to solve?

These mailers are funded by a $74,000 loan from FTA and hard-working teachers' dues to FTA's PAC. If I were a teacher, I would be outraged.

Vote for the A-Team -- Patricia Barr, Luisa Medina, Julie Hornback and Stafford Parker. They'll do what is best for our children.

Cathy Caples