Letters to the Editor

'Double our money'

To all who like to give the name "Fresno" a negative connotation, I say it's time to change.

There are many residents with a long history of being proud of the county and who have said "yes" to upgrade the quality of life here. They said "yes" to the library and have a wonderful system with upgraded facilities and just about any book, tape, CD or DVD a mouse click away. They said "yes" to the zoo and saved one of the best children's resources available. They said "yes" to Measure C and were able to make parts of the city and surrounding environs more easily accessible.

Each tax raised the quality of life for Fresno at a small price. Even people who never take advantage of these amenities are helped because a better city reputation attracts businesses and people who contribute to society rather than drain it.

How often do we benefit directly from our taxes? On Nov. 7, we make that happen by voting to continue Measure C. As a "self-help" county, Fresno County receives matching state funds. We double our money! I hope many thinking voters will support our community and vote "yes" for Measure C.

Jacqueline Spencer