Letters to the Editor

'For clean government'

Voters who are sick and tired of the corruption stemming from the inordinate power lobbyists have over our state's government should vote "yes" on Proposition 89. This proposition is based on the positive experience of other states that already have the option of publicly funded political campaigns.

Contrary to arguments against it, publicly financed campaigns make elections fairer and more competitive. Candidates accepting public funds will be required to debate issues, and not just engage in negative campaigning.

To suggest that taxpayers should not have to foot the bill for candidates they don't support or that it will increase negative campaigning is also a false argument. This will not increase taxes on individuals or small business owners. And let's face it, we are all already paying for the corrupt system we have through the higher prices we pay for such things as energy and medications, the time legislators spend constantly raising money, and the loopholes and boondoggles that result from the access that "big money" buys.

To vote for clean government, vote "yes" on Proposition 89.

Linda Mack