Letters to the Editor

Prop. 84 good for Valley

We have an important opportunity to bring much-needed funds to our Valley for clean water, river restoration and urban parks by voting "yes" on Proposition 84.

Proposition 84, the Clean Water Parks and Coastal Protection Bond, will direct $36 million to the San Joaquin River Parkway to purchase river lands and build hiking and biking trails. The measure also provides critical funding for clean water in rural Valley towns and protection of the coast and other natural resources that are vital for our health, economy and quality of life.

The Valley is facing enormous population growth in the coming years. We must make the investment now to ensure that all Californians will have access to safe drinking water, better protection from floods and opportunities to enjoy parks, natural landscapes and our rivers, lakes and beaches. Proposition 84 will do this.

Proposition 84 is a benefit to all of California, and for once the Valley is not left out of the funding equation. That's why I'm voting for Proposition 84.

Sheri Bohigian