Letters to the Editor

Yes on Prop. 84

Proposition 84 is all about funding important long-term water resource investments over time without a tax increase.

While California's Legislature often fails to fund important projects for our Valley's future, such as clean water grants for San Joaquin Valley communities and San Joaquin River clean-up and restoration, we, the people, have the opportunity to direct spending of the tax dollars we are already sending to Sacramento through the initiative process.

The Legislature is then forced to repay the bonds, such as those proposed under Proposition 84, before they spend a dollar on their pet projects if they want to maintain California's current bond rating.

The board of directors of Aquarius Aquarium Institute has joined other California museums, aquariums and nature education centers as supporters of Proposition 84, not only because it will make competitive grants available for Fresno's own nonprofit educational aquarium project, but also because it will fund many important water infrastructure needs for the benefit of our entire Valley without raising a penny of taxes.

Please join us in our efforts to improve our Valley's quality of life by voting "yes" on Proposition 84.

Tom Lang

Executive Director

Aquarius Aquarium Institute