Letters to the Editor

Most important issues

I consider Proposition 89 the most important of all the statewide issues, and Measure C the most important local issue.

Measure C will extend our present sales tax so that we can continue to pay for needed transportation within Fresno County. Some complain that it spends too much on alternative transportation, and others that it spends too much on roads and freeways.

The Measure C Steering Committee and the COG Policy Board spent more than a year working through all these arguments, and with the help of an outside consultant, have managed to find a compromise measure accepted by the county, all 15 cities, the League of Women Voters, the Sierra Club and the Fresno Chamber of Commerce. If we vote it down, we will have no improvements -- no roads, no railroad consolidation, no better bus schedules, no bike paths. Please vote "yes" on Measure C.

Proposition 89 will transform our state government. We all agree that big money from corporations and unions is running our state now. Removing that big money from campaigns for candidates and ballot measures will return state government to us. Let's do it!

John R. Donaldson