Letters to the Editor

Border politics

The Republicans are showing commercials about Osama bin Laden again. This is very embarrassing, because this reminds America and the world that bin Laden got away with killing 3,000 Americans and he is loving the fact that almost 3,000 soldiers also have died. If President Bush were truly fighting terrorism, right after 9/11 he would have closed our borders with Mexico and Canada. Both countries and their people would have understood. The reserves should have been put on both borders only until enough Border Patrol agents were hired to replace them.

Why, after five years, is this corrupt Republican Congress talking about border control only now? Election time, that's why! How immoral can they get, messing with our safety now instead of then? President Bush should have only sent forces to Afghanistan to find bin Laden. Our soldiers almost had him. Instead, this administration chose to invade Iraq for power and greed. I find this very immoral.

A recent report said Middle Eastern terrorists may have entered through Mexico to America. President Bush's statement, "Let's fight them there so we don't have to fight them here," might prove to be deadly for Americans because he hasn't secured our borders.

Karman Juares