Letters to the Editor

'Cruz won't lose'

TV ads attempt to discredit Cruz Bustamante for the way most politicians get their money to run for office. One is our governor. Before he was elected, he boasted about not needing money, that he was rich and could not be bought. If elected, he would open up the books of big companies to see if they were on the level. Now that he is in office, he comes down to Fresno to open the books -- people's checkbooks -- to ask how much money they can give him.

Billionaires will run dirty ads on TV, knowing their opponents don't have the resources to fight back. Dirty is cheap everywhere.

The support Cruz Bustamante got from the Indian casinos was money from ordinary people like you and me.

I know Cruz Bustamante. He is a kind person who uses his time, effort and support to help the needy when he comes to Fresno. He goes to functions that need help to help the less fortunate. Let's help Cruz Bustamante now, by electing him insurance commissioner on Nov. 7.

Cruz won't lose. He is already a winner.

Ben Ortega