Letters to the Editor

No more 'Brown rot'

I, too, remember, as William Eisentrager does [letter Oct. 22], the time when Jerry Brown reigned over us as governor and how he appointed the wise Rose Bird to the high court, and how she so wisely ruled that a person who cut another's head off didn't mean to kill them, and how the dastardly voters rewarded her with an all expenses paid trip to the unemployment office.

And how Jerry Brown championed the rights of that illegal immigrant, the medfly, over the evil farmers who just happen to put the food on our tables and form a good portion of the economy of this state.

Even his own party would have sent him to the locker room if he finally had not taken the appropriate action. And we should not hold a little thing like his not meeting the basic legal qualifications for the office against him. After all, the law should not apply to a liberal Democrat like it does to the rest of us rabble.

Jerry Brown back in high office again? No, thank you, we've already had one outbreak of Brown rot. We don't need another. Don't call us, Jerry, we'll call you.

Charles W. Walker