Letters to the Editor

Radanovich's worries

I find it interesting that Republican Rep. George Radanovich criticizes his opponent, TJ Cox, by claiming that Mr. Cox will go to Congress and try to impeach President Bush. Wasn't Rep. Radanovich an enthusiastic cheerleader for the impeachment of another president? Perhaps Rep. Radanovich now realizes that it was a colossal waste of time and money and doesn't want to see Mr. Cox make the same mistake the Republicans made.

Why is Rep. Radanovich so worried about the Democrats trying to impeach President Bush anyway? Does our congressman believe that President Bush committed a high crime or misdemeanor, such as spying on Americans without obtaining a warrant, supporting torture, manipulating intelligence and starting a reckless, mishandled war that has cost 2,700 American and more than 600,000 Iraqi lives?

After 12 years in Congress, it is finally time for George Radanovich to stop worrying about politics and start worrying about common sense, the Constitution, the rule of law and what is morally right.

Dan Rosenberg, North Fork