Letters to the Editor

Similarities to Sisk

At last, a candidate I can get excited about. TJ Cox is the man for the 19th Congressional District.

TJ is concerned about issues that concern me -- the environment, health care, regional planning, better schools, fiscal responsibility.

TJ reminds me of another young congressional candidate from more than 50 years ago. That young man was my father, the late retired Rep. B.F. Sisk.

The two are strikingly similar. TJ, like Dad, uses only his initials. I don't know about TJ, but in Dad's case Bernice Frederic did not roll easily off the tongue.

TJ, like Dad, looks to unseat an incumbent who has lost touch with his district and its needs. TJ, like Dad, is committed to his family, his church, and his district and its needs. TJ, like Dad, has earned support from Republicans, independents and Democrats alike. TJ, like Dad, is a successful businessman who does not need political office to make him feel fulfilled, but it is clear the 19th District does need him.

One added connection between TJ Cox and B.F. Sisk: Dad's 8-year-old great-granddaughter is an enthusiastic co-chair of the Kids for Cox campaign. Dad would love that.

TJ Cox for Congress.

Bobbye Sisk Temple, Fresno