Letters to the Editor

Better 'apples' this time

I didn't vote for the 2004 version of Fresno County's Measure C transportation tax extension for many reasons: It had very little to offer those of us who do not drive; it gave hardly a thought to making alternative means of transportation attractive to those who do. It did not designate enough funds to be used for road repair and projects in the rural areas of the county.

The existing version of Measure C had not required independent oversight of the money spent, with yearly audits, so funds meant for specific projects were used for others that had not been included in the ballot measure. Still, the 2004 version did not require regular independent oversight and audits.

I will vote on the 2006 ballot for the "Fresno County Transportation, Safety, Road Repair Measure C." This one gets it right! Not only does it address the issues that concerned me -- and more -- but it does so without raising the local transportation tax. This time the allocation and expenditures of funds have been given more careful thought. This time all county residents get a slice of the pie -- and I do like those apples!

Patricia Anderson, Fresno