Letters to the Editor

'Held accountable'

I agree with Bill McEwen [column Oct. 19] that the homeless are not helped by the American Civil Liberties Union lawsuit. The homeless often are lacking in life skills and job skills.

The homeless hurt their own cause by refusing to participate in a structured environment like the rest of us have to. I get up every day and go to work and do what the boss needs. I can't camp in my neighbor's front yard.

Their stolen shopping carts raise the price of goods at the store. What makes the homeless think they're any better than I am? If you give a man a fish, you have fed him for but one day. We need to teach the homeless how to fish (provide) for themselves and they need to expect to be held accountable.

Tents and sleeping bags are not motivators. The mentally ill are going to be a difficult problem forever, since many of them don't want help and are unwilling to take their medication. I know the government closed all of the hospitals. There are still places people can go for help.

The homeless must learn to expect to be held accountable for their own needs being met. Their sugar daddy has died.

Alicia Brown-Docken, Clovis