Letters to the Editor

'Hopeless quagmire'

Isn't it ironic that this democracy, once bound to a monarchy, allows our president king-like powers, while the one-time kingdom, from whence we gained our independence, has a prime minister who can be cast from office by a "vote of no confidence?"

"King" George has led us into a hopeless quagmire in Iraq, a country now embroiled in a civil war of religious fanatics whose only goals are personal power by intimidation of Iraqi citizens through endless murders, assassinations, bombings and brutal atrocities.

Service in World War II did not make me an expert on world affairs. But common sense dictates that it is immoral, possibly treasonous, to continue sacrificing Americans for Iraqis who have only their own interests at heart.

It's time to get out. If our public servants don't agree, then perhaps we should consider impeachment of our duplicitous leader and replacement of every congressional war supporter with Americans who will implement policies favorable to this country, not to ego-driven greedy politicians, ambitious military officers and unscrupulous profit takers.

Pat Stidham, Selma