Letters to the Editor

Gilbert's role

Gary Gilbert's endorsement letter for Tony Ward [Oct. 21] stated the public's confidence in local government's ability to handle land use and growth issues is "weak." I couldn't agree more. And the Gilbert-appointed and Ward-supported Coarsegold Area Plan Association (CAPA) contributed mightily to that lack of confidence.

During its reign, CAPA represented not an example of properly planning for growth, but an attempt by Mr. Gilbert to use a "citizens committee" to implement his arbitrary no-growth policies.

Mr. Gilbert also attacked Tom Wheeler's statement that we lack a viable fire-evacuation plan, saying that Mr. Wheeler did not do "basic research." Not true. Research showed this "plan" is outdated, has the wrong contact information and doesn't account for recent growth. Furthermore, neither the citizens nor the Fire Safe Council knew about it. What good is a plan nobody knows about?

During this campaign we have been critical of many county policies. However, we would be remiss if we did not recognize Supervisor Gilbert's service. Being a supervisor is a thankless task at best, requiring a person to expend enormous time and energy. We wish him well in his retirement from public office.

Larry Wright, Committee to Elect Tom Wheeler Supervisor, Coarsegold