Letters to the Editor

Turkey owes an apology

The Bee reported on Oct. 21 that senior U.S. officials are upset with a French bill that would make it a crime to deny the Armenian Genocide, as it would disrupt EU-Turkish relations. Perhaps if the U.S. encouraged Turkey to properly deal with its infamous past, instead of feigning concern for others' relations as a guise for protecting its own cozy relationship with Turkey, we wouldn't be having these nonsensical debates.

The French should be commended, instead of being reviled, for standing up to the strong-arm tactics of the sick man of Europe. Actually, Turkey's new moniker should be the sick ostrich of Europe, since it is now known for burying its head in the sand to spite reality.

All this aside, on behalf of all meddling Armenians, I offer Turkey my apology for this geopolitical inconvenience. So, now, where's Turkey's apology for our stolen land and property, and our 1.5 million dead?

Marshall D. Moushigian, Fresno