Letters to the Editor

Clean, affordable drinking water is a human right

California is facing a severe drinking-water crisis. Many communities throughout California have been facing contamination issues for years. The majority of contaminated wells in the state are in the San Joaquin Valley, where the most common contaminates are nitrates followed closely by arsenic salts.

Imagine not being able to turn on your tap for fear that you or your loved one will get sick from the water. Boiling this water actually concentrates these poisons making the water even more toxic. This is a statewide problem that needs to be addressed.

SB 623 provides a needed solution to the most vulnerable communities in the state. The bill establishes a safe and affordable drinking water fund. For a modest fee starting at less than one dollar per household, with low-income families exempt from paying. It holds potential polluters accountable as well. SB 623 is supported by Democrats, Republicans, agriculture and environmental groups alike.

Clean and affordable drinking is a human right. We can all do our part for a better California.

Kevin D. Hamilton, Central California Asthma Collaborative, Fresno