Letters to the Editor

Does Esparza’s ambition betray voters?

More than 200 Fresno-area Democrats attended a fundraiser banquet on April 21, and it came as a shock to many present when Nelson Esparza announced to the crowd he is now running to be on the Fresno City Council. Esparza was just elected to the Fresno County Board of Education in November. He has barely had time to warm his chair as a trustee, and he is already running for a different office?

On his campaign website for the board, Esparza describes himself as “passionate about our students” and as a “role model” with “values that serve our students.” It’s clear to me that this man is passionate only about his own interests.

He is no role model for students, unless deception is a trait he wishes to pass on to the next generation; it’s obvious he had no intention of serving a full term and every intention of deceiving voters.

Another sign of over-weaning ambition is exaggeration of one’s accomplishments, and on the Board of Education website, Esparza describes himself as a “Professor of Economics” but he lacks the requisite Ph.D. Clearly, Esparza is unsuitable for any elected office.

Gail Egoian, Fresno