Letters to the Editor

Give new president same respect GOP gave Obama

Presidential elections are full of irony.

The “Green Acres” revolution in rural America picks Oliver Wendell Douglas, a rich, incompetent, city slicker from New York to fix all the problems in Hooterville.

▪  House Speaker Paul Ryan declares a “mandate for change,” which would be more convincing if Republicans had gotten more votes than their opponent.

▪  An angry electorate sees the Washington establishment as the main problem, then re-elects 95 percent of incumbents to return to Congress.

▪  Evangelicals find their savior in a serial womanizer with a potty mouth, three marriages, and a skewed moral compass.

▪  Melania Trump says she will concentrate her efforts as first lady fighting cyber bullying on the Internet (maybe hide her husband’s phone).

▪  The candidate who “tells it like it is” sports the strangest comb-over ever to hide his bald head.

▪  Red states vote to make America white again. Blue states vote to make things green (might need to smoke more weed these next four years).

While you may have to “fasten your seat belts, it’s going to be a bumpy night,” we can all hope that Democrats give the president-elect all the respect and support that Republicans gave President Obama. That’s fair and balanced, right?

Gary Sellers, Fresno