Letters to the Editor

I disagree with The Bee: Say yes to weed

This editorial in The Bee, “Vote ‘no’ on the half-baked Proposition 64” is saying California isn’t ready to legalize marijuana. It says there hasn’t been sufficient research into the long-term health affects of using marijuana.

“Marijuana harms developing brains,” it says. Drinking and smoking tobacco also harms the developing brains and also very addictive so why is that legal? Yes, there is an age limit, but that should also follow for marijuana use.

Marijuana can also help the mentally ill suffering from anxiety, depression or even some physical disabilities. It also says that the Legislature just wants to legalize it for business benefits. Marijuana taxes alone would be bringing in up to $1 billion per year. I see no problem with that. If legalizing marijuana also solves our debt problem, then why hasn’t it been legalized already?

Yes, marijuana has led to a lot of street crime, but with legalizing marijuana, it would make the streets cleaner because people wont have to break the law just to get marijuana.

This editorial on Proposition 64 is just stating all kinds of false reasons why marijuana should not be legalized.

Greg Torres, Fresno