Letters to the Editor

Mandatory cluster mailboxes too easily burglarized

This is the second time in the last year or so that the U.S. Postal Service cluster mailbox, where we receive our mail, has been broken into. About a year ago, the front of the cluster box had two out of 11 mail slots broken into. Mine was one of the two.

On Sept. 9, when picking up my mail, I noticed the back of the box had been pried open, compromising all 11 delivery slots and the one outgoing mail slot. After a short walk around the neighborhood, I saw two more cluster boxes that were damaged in some way and a notice on a third about it being broken into twice.

The biggest problem I see with these cluster boxes is that it doesn’t take much more than a butter knife to pop one open. I would gladly pay for and install a secure mail box in my front yard, but the post office says we have to use their cluster box.

If we have to use their cluster box, then why can’t they make and install a box that is slightly more difficult to break into than one that can be opened with a butter knife?

Herb Damm, Fresno