Thugs don't play by rules

Hey, Sacramento! Every time you take away part of my constitutional rights to keep and bear arms, you are eroding my ability to defend my home and family while increasing the ability of the criminals to rob, rape and kill without encountering serious opposition. How about a level playing field against violent criminals who ignore your self-serving, feel-good gun control laws?

What about the police? They don't sit in my driveway defending my home. They will come after the attack is underway (if we can call 911). They are reactive and will try to catch the criminals later, but I will be dead, my wife will be raped and dead and my home will be pillaged.

How about keeping a gun for self-defense? It helps, but your laws limit me to a 10-round magazine. If I am facing three meth-crazed thugs who are kicking down my door, I'll bet they all have 30-round magazines or more, so I would be hopelessly out-gunned thanks to you politicians.

However, if they are caught later, a charge of possession of an unlawful magazine will be added to their life sentences for murder, rape and robbery. Feel better now?

Jim Henson