SW Parra

Win latte money just by making us laugh


Want to keep your wit sharpened? Write a caption for this week’s SW Parra editorial cartoon.

The winner receives a $25 Starbucks gift card and a copy of the cartoon with his or her caption.

Applause for last week’s winner, Roger Wahl, who penned “Sometimes tossing a bit of mud is the best way to tarnish a Brand!” for the cartoon of Henry Perea taking aim at Lee Brand above a dunk tank.

We awarded honorable mentions for “This could bounce back and hit me in the face” by Bob Parrish and “Perea aims to get the lead out” from Mary Wallace.

Post entries below this story. Or email entries to swparra@fresnobee.com. Make sure we can reach you through a Facebook account or elsewhere. Entry deadline is noon Wednesday.