Typical Valley weather on its way

What's going on with the weather?

From cool storms to highs in the 80s all in one week, the central San Joaquin Valley has seen a springtime pattern that is a departure from the typical April, according to the National Weather Service.

While the inconsistent weather isn't unheard of at this time of year, it has provided the Valley with an above-normal amount of rain, said weather service meteorologist Mike Bingham.

Blame it on a persistent low-pressure area in the Gulf of Alaska. That spun off a cold front every week or so, which then moved into the Valley, Bingham said.

Several systems have moved through the Fresno area since the beginning of April -- one at the beginning of every week, Bingham said. Each of those systems added to the rainfall totals, which already were well above normal for the season. For April, Fresno received 2.19 inches of rain. The normal for the month is 0.75 of an inch.

Along with the rain came lower temperatures and gusty wind. But the Valley didn't set any temperature records for April, Bingham said.

"There's no rhyme or reason," Bingham said. "It's just something that can happen in the spring months."

With no more rain expected for at least a week, the Valley should see temperatures warming up over the weekend, he said.

Highs are expected to be near normal for this time of year Sunday, with a forecast high of 79. High temperatures next week are expected to be in the 80s, with a slight cooling trend mid-week, Bingham said.