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Immigration facts and figures

4,507 citations were issued for labor law violations in fiscal year 2008-09 for industries that commonly employ illegal immigrants, resulting in $9,467,455 in fines.

2,105 citations were issued for labor law violations from July 2005 to June 2009 for ag industry, resulting in $3,702,665 in fines.

8.3 million of the nation’s workers were composed of illegal immigrants, or 5.4% of the labor force, in 2008. In California, illegal immigrants account for 9.9% of the labor force.

0.2% of California’s total workforce comes from the day laborer market.

75% of farmworkers in the U.S. were born in Mexico.

10,000 people registered to work in the fields at TakeOurJobs.org, a campaign by the United Workers of America to show how few people are willing to work in agriculture.

10 people actually went to work in the fields.


The 2007 median household income for illegal immigrants was $36,000, well below the $50,000 median household income for U.S.-born residents. Because illegal immigrant households tend to be bigger than households led by U.S.-born residents, there is even more of a gap between the median income per person.

Sources: California Economic and Employment Enforcement Coalition; Pew Hispanic Center; Public Policy Institute of California; National Agricultural Workers Survey; United Farm Workers of America

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