Political Notebook

Maddy Report for Sunday, Feb. 28

7 a.m. on Univision 21/Unimas 61

“Public Employee Retiree Healthcare” with guest Lourdes Morales of the California Legislative Analyst’s Office. Hosted by Maddy Institute Deputy Director Ana Melendez.

10 a.m. on 580 KMJ

“The Multi-Million Dollar Question: Can We Make State and Local Government More Efficient and Effective?” with guests Rebecca Moore of Kern LAFCO, Sara Lytle-Pinhey of Stanislaus LAFCO, and William Nicholson of Merced LAFCO. Hosted by Mark Keppler.

10 a.m. on ABC30

“Mission Possible: Making Government More Customer Friendly” with guest Carole D’Elia, Little Hoover Commission executive director. Hosted by Mark Keppler.