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Bredefeld drops out of District 6 Fresno City Council race

Garry Bredefeld
Garry Bredefeld

Garry Bredefeld, who five weeks ago said he’d seek to recapture his old District 6 Fresno City Council seat, said Monday he’s pulling out of the race.

The decision is health-related as Bredefeld, 56, continues to recover from cancer, a battle that took up almost all of 2014.

“While my health has remained good and all tests have reflected my being free of cancer, after continued prayer and discussion with friends and family over the recent holidays, I’ve decided that I need to continue focusing on my physical recovery and subjecting myself to what would likely be a nearly year-long campaign would not be wise,” Bredefeld said in an email to The Bee.

Bredefeld had major surgery to remove the cancer.

He represented the northeast Fresno district on the City Council from 1997 through 2000 and made an unsuccessful mayoral run instead of seeking reelection in 2000.

Jerry Duncan took over the seat that year and served two terms before reaching his term limit. Lee Brand won election in 2008 and is entering the final year of his second and final District 6 term. Brand is running for mayor.

After leaving office, Bredefeld has largely been out of politics. He said he turned his focus to raising his children and his job as a psychologist after leaving the council.

Bredefeld’s departure leaves two candidates seeking to replace Brand – former Fresno County GOP executive director and business owner Holly Carter and Jeremy Pearce, who may be known better as Jeremy “Elvis” Pearce, “the most booked Elvis in California.”

But Bredefeld said in his email that he might someday run again for office.

“While I was looking forward to publicly serving the people of Fresno again, now is not that time, and hopefully there will be an opportunity for me to do so again in the future,” Bredefeld wrote.