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League of California Cities honors Harry Armstrong

Clovis City Council Member Harry Armstrong
Clovis City Council Member Harry Armstrong

Longtime Clovis City Council Member Harry Armstrong was honored Wednesday by the League of California Cities for his service on its board of directors.

Armstrong served as League president from 1982 to 1983 and has served on the board for a combined total of 27 years. Since 1984, he has been a member of the League’s Transportation, Communication and Public Works Policy Committee, and served as chair from 2006 to 2010. The committee tackles some of the most significant infrastructure issues facing California cities.

On Thursday, he’ll step down.

During the opening of the League’s General Session in San José, Executive Director Chris McKenzie presented Armstrong with a plaque for his contributions to the organization.

“Harry’s dedication to the cities of California is unsurpassed,” McKenzie said in a statement. “He has brought incredible integrity and focus to his decades of service not only on the Clovis City Council, but to the League of California Cities and all the other local government related organizations and agencies he has served.”

At this point, Armstrong, 84, is a central San Joaquin Valley institution. First elected to the Clovis City Council in 1970, he’s won re-election 11 times, served as mayor five times — and is now California’s longest serving city council member. He started in Clovis government in 1966 when he was appointed to the planning commission.

“The League has played such a critical role in improving and protecting all of our cities’ interests over the years,” Armstrong said in a statement. “I hope that by my participation on League committees, as a member of the board, and as a League president, that I’ve been part of that success.”