Political Notebook

Elections approaching, recall in Madera County leads the way

Upcoming elections in the Valley won’t feature high-profile national or state races, but there will be plenty of local district races to decide.

In Fresno, Tulare and Kings Counties, people can declare their candidacy in this year’s elections starting Monday. Those wishing to run for office will have until Aug. 7 to declare their candidacy in all three counties.

The central San Joaquin Valley’s election season begins Sept. 1. In Madera County, a special recall election will be held for the Golden Valley Unified School District. Carla Neal from Trustee Area One, Kathleen Crumpton from Trustee Area Two and John Moseley from Trustee Area Four are targets of the recall effort.

Election day for the other races will be Nov. 3.

In Fresno County, elections will be held for the following districts: West Hills Community College (three seats, two shared with Kings County), Fowler Unified (two seats), Monson-Sultana Joint Union Elementary (one seat, shared with Tulare County), Westside Elementary (three seats), Riverdale Memorial (two seats), Big Creek Community Service (five seats), Bluffs Community Service (five seats), Lanare Community Service (three seats), Laton Community Service (two seats), Sierra Cedars Community Service (five seats), Bald Mountain Fire Protection (five seats), Fig Garden Fire Protection (two seats), Alta Irrigation (one seat), Central California Irrigation (one seat, shared with Merced County), Hills Valley Irrigation (one seat, shared with Tulare County), Laguna Irrigation (one seat, shared with Kings County), Riverdale Irrigation (one seat), Tranquility Irrigation (two seats), Pinedale Public Utility (one seat), Tranquility Public Utility (one seat), Freewater County Water (two seats), Fig Garden Police Protection (one seat) and Orange Cove Police Protection (one seat).

In Tulare County, elections will be held for the following districts: Columbine Elementary (one seat), Monson-Sultana Joint Union Elementary (two seats, one shared with Fresno County), Stone Corral Elementary (two seats), East Orosi Community Service (three seats), Ponderosa Community Service (two seats), Poplar Community Service (three seats), Richgrove Community Service (two seats), Tract 92 Community Service (three seats, one short-term), Strathmore Fire District (one seat), Alta Irrigation (three seats), Hills Valley (two seats, one shared with Fresno County), Exeter Memorial (three seats), Lindsay-Strathmore Memorial (three seats), Woodlake Memorial (three seats), Strathmore Public Utility (two seats) and Woodville Public Utility (two seats).

In Kings County elections will be held for the following offices: West Hills Community College (three seats, two shared with Fresno County), Empire Westside Irrigation (three seats), Home Garden Community Services (three seats, one short-term), Kettleman City Community Services (two seats), Kings County Water District (two seats) and Laguna Irrigation (two seats, one shared with Fresno County).

Absentee voting for district elections begins Oct. 5. The last day for county officials to receive applications requesting an absentee ballot is Oct. 27.

The last day for people to register to vote is Oct. 19.

Michael Olinger: 559-441-6141, @MikeJOlinger