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Eggman’s next political step looks like Denham congressional rematch

Michael Eggman
Michael Eggman Vida en el Valle file

Just what is Kingsburg Democrat Michael Eggman up to?

It’s hard to know for sure because the voice mail on his cell phone has been full for weeks and he hasn’t returned text messages to the same number.

At this point, based on a Thursday Facebook post, it appears he’s going to make a second congressional run against Turlock Republican Jeff Denham.

This much is actually known, based on official paperwork — Eggman has filed a candidate intention statement to run for the 31st Assembly District, and he’s also filed a statement of organization to run for the 10th Congressional District.

If he decides to run in the 10th Congressional District, it will be a rematch against Denham. Last year, Denham handily beat Eggman, winning 56% of the vote. There is an active website — www.eggmanforcongress.com — but who knows if that is just leftover from last year’s election. The congressional paperwork was filed Monday.

If he runs for the 31st Assembly District, which covers western and southern Fresno County, he’ll likely face stiff competition. Already, fellow Kingsburg Democrat Joaquin Arambula is in, as is Fresno City Council Member Clint Olivier, a Republican. Fresno Unified Trustee Luis Chavez, a Democrat, may also enter the race. Others are reported to be interested, too.

Eggman is registered to vote in Kingsburg, and there is a requirement that state Assembly or Senate members or candidates live in their district. Kingsburg is in the 31st Assembly District. There is no such requirement for Congress. A member or candidate just has to live in the same state, so Eggman is OK there, too. The Federal Elections Commission website shows a Turlock address associated with the congressional campaign. The 10th Congressional District includes all of Stanislaus County and part of San Joaquin County.

Up until Thursday afternoon, it looked impossible to divine Eggman’s real political plans. Then came the Facebook post that said: “Great first few days back on the campaign trail! Thanks to everyone who has already signed up to help win this race. If you havent, join us and be a part of bringing real change to Congress.”

So, while Eggman can’t be reached, it looks like his decision has been made.