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Eric Trump on Fresno radio: ‘People are happy. This country is thriving again’

On KMJ radio on Monday, Eric Trump defended his father against what he says is unfair criticism, calling him “the epitome of the American dream.”

President Donald Trump “gave up peace and being able to do whatever he wants” to run for president, his son said, because he wanted to give back to the country that helped him succeed.

“He sacrificed so much in his own life to go do this. And you see how much he gets pounded on every single day...” Eric Trump said on conservative talk show host Ray Appleton’s show. “But in D.C., it doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter how innocent your intentions are. You will be villainized, you will be criticized, you will be beat up, you will be labeled. It’s a really dirty, oftentimes disgusting, system.”

Appleton said he has known President Trump for more than 10 years and said he has “amazing qualities,” including being “one of the most incredible listeners.”

Nunes, Trump alike

Eric Trump and Appleton drew parallels between the president and local Republican congressman Devin Nunes, who they said also has been unfairly criticized in his role as chair of the House Intelligence Committee.

Appleton called Nunes “a guy who never wanted publicity,” and said he’s a “very close personal friend” of his.

Eric Trump said his father is “doing everything right” and that the country is thriving, and he is optimistic for the Republican Party in upcoming midterm elections.

“By every quantifiable measure, this country is doing unbelievably well. Jobs are coming back to this country. People are happy. This country is thriving again...” he said. “Every single thing my father said he was going to do, he’s done. Even the liberal media will say this is true. The man is an amazing guy, and he’s just doing a great job. And I’m proud of him.”

Eric Trump and Appleton also discussed Omarosa Manigault Newman, a former top aide to the president, whose new book promises secret recordings of the president that are damning.

Eric Trump said Monday that he knows the former reality star “probably better than any human being out there,” and said her criticisms of the president are only to benefit her book sales.

“She’ll spew the narrative that works for her in any given situation. It’s just disappointing. It’s a snake in the grass,” he said. “...People are so much smarter than this nonsense, and people can see through it. It’s just unfortunate. We deserve better in society than that. “

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