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Janz has raised four times more than every previous Nunes challenger – combined

Fresno Democrat Andrew Janz has raised about four times more cash than every previous challenger to Rep. Devin Nunes combined.

Janz campaign manager Heather Greven said the violent crimes prosecutor raised $1 million in online donations only from April 1-June 30. The average individual donation during this period was $28.39.

Overall, the campaign has raised around $2.5 million – a number Greven said could make Janz the highest fundraising House challenger in the country.

And the general election is still more than four months away.

The seven Democrats to face Nunes in general elections from 2002-16 raised about $650,000 combined, according to federal campaign records. The previous top earner was 2012’s Otto Lee, who raised nearly $400,000.

On Monday, Politico reported that Janz raised more online in May ($461,000) than any other Democratic challenger for a House seat. Amy McGrath, a challenger in Kentucky, was second with $292,000.

A Democratic poll released Thursday showed Nunes eight points ahead of Janz.

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In February, Janz told The Bee’s editorial board that he hoped to raise $1 million by May, which he added would be enough to take down the heavily favored Nunes.

That remains to be seen.

Because in the other corner, a heavyweight fundraiser unlike few others in the country waits comfortably.

Nunes, the chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, raised nearly $5 million as of May 16, and he sits with more than $5 million on hand as of that date. He could easily be in the $6-7 million range after the July 15 filing deadline.

Janz had about $600,000 on hand as of May 16.

In all, Nunes raised nearly $11.8 million from 2002-16.

He’s also given nearly $1 million from his campaign chest to other committees since he was first elected.

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