Political Notebook

Former Fresno resident Bruce Morris is Green Party candidate in Sweden

During his Fresno days, Bruce Morris was summed up at times as a liberal activist, an environmental activist, or a bicycle activist. Whatever the case, he was always politically active — though never a politician.

That may be about to change.

A decade ago, Morris married a Swedish citizen and in mid-2005 moved to Stockholm. Now, he is a candidate for the board that is the equivalent of the county supervisors.

And — probably not a suprise to anyone who knows Morris — he’s a Green Party candidate. In Swedish that is the Miljöpartiet de gröna.

Election Day is Sunday.

Morris, 64, isn’t hopeful of winning a four-year term, but he does say “it’s been a good experience.”

It’s also quite possible that, even if he doesn't win, he’ll still be part of the political process because of the way Swedish government is structured.

The Stockholms Läns Landstinget — or Stockholm County Council — has more than 100 members. Morris is running in the Stockholm city district. Because the government has proportional representation, he expects the Greens to have around 15% of the seats on the council. That translates to around six Green Party seats for the Stockhom city district on the county board.

But the government allows for “alternates.” Morris figures he’ll miss the cut by around three, making him the third alternate. It is almost certain, he said, that he’ll be part of some meetings as a substitute.

As such, he won’t just be a seat filler.

“I can write motions,” he said. “I can propose, for instance, that senior citizens should have free transportation throughout the county... I think that should be the case.”

If you’re wondering, Morris’ Swedish is now pretty good. He can now “read complicated texts and communicate fluently except in the most stressful or convoluted discussions. That’s when I shift to Swinglish or take even more control with English.”