Political Notebook

DCCC launches 21st CD robocalls hitting Valadao on Obama lawsuit

House Republicans on Thursday cleared the way for a full House vote to move forward on a lawsuit against President Barack Obama, saying he has failed to implement the Affordable Care Act.

As they did, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee wasted no time in launching an automated phone call criticizing rival Republican for pursuing the lawsuit.

The robocalls — which start Thursday — are running in 18 congressional districts across the nation, including the 21st District, where incumbent Rep. David Valadao, R-Hanford, is being challenged by Sanger Democrat Amanda Renteria.

“We are urging California voters to contact Congressman Valadao and tell him to stop wasting taxpayer dollars on a reckless political lawsuit instead of focusing on the middle class and the economy,” DCCC spokesman Tyrone Gayle said.

The House Rules Committee, on a 7-4 party-line vote, approved a resolution that authorizes the lawsuit. A full House vote on the suit is expected later this month.

Republicans say Obama exceeded his authority by not implementing the Affordable Care Act, which Congress passed and he signed into law.

Democrats, however, say it is nothing more than political pandering, and they are using the lawsuit both as a fundraising tool and to attack Republicans in competitive districts. Political pundits say the 21st District battle between Valadao and Renteria is one of those districts.

“Hi, this is John calling from the DCCC with a special Washington wasteful spending alert.” an DCCC example of an automated call script says. “Republicans in Congress are about to vote to spend millions of taxpayer dollars — on a frivolous lawsuit against President Obama.

“Even worse, Congressman David Valadao is voting against priorities that actually would help middle class families, like equal pay for equal work and lower interest rates on student loans.

“Whether you’re a Democrat or a Republican, tell Congressman Valadao to focus on fixing our economy, not wasting our money.”