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Bob Waterston timeline

June 1999: "Committee to Re-elect Bob Waterston" sends out a flashy flier for a campaign fundraiser. The following month Waterston -- then serving on the Clovis City Council -- indicates he is considering running against Fresno County Supervisor Stan Oken, who had defeated Waterston in a 1996 run for the board.

Nov. 17, 1999: Waterston officially announces his intent to seek a seat on the Fresno County Board of Supervisors.

January 2000: Almost every fire and police union in Fresno County -- representing 6,000 people -- endorses Fresno County supervisor candidates Waterston, Susan B. Anderson and Juan Arambula.

March 7, 2000: Waterston wins the four-man District 5 race with 53% of the vote.

March 3, 2004: Waterston retains his District 5 seat after running unopposed.

Jan. 7, 2007: Waterston leaves an angry message on Fresno planning director Nick Yovino's voice mail. The minute-long message details his frustrations over delays in the approval of a large and complicated pool project.

March 20, 2007: Fresno City Council Member Brian Calhoun introduces a resolution asking Waterston to resign from the Local Agency Formation Commission. The council decides later not to call for Waterston's resignation from LAFCO.

May 6, 2007: Records show that since 2004, Waterston has cast six votes benefiting an Orange County developer (RZR Enterprises) with whom he had a business relationship. He acknowledges that he was paid by the company to build pools and other amenities for model homes in one of its Sanger subdivisions.

May 8, 2007: Waterston resigns from LAFCO after admitting to a judgment lapse in connection with his work for RZR Enterprises.

June 2007: Records show that Waterston cast a vote that helped a second developer with whom he had a business relationship. Waterston vows to seek re-election in 2008, despite rumors he won't. Documents surface showing Waterston purchased a luxury vehicle at an apparent discount from a Table Mountain Rancheria official as he was opposing plans for a competing tribe's casino.

August 2007: Records show Fresno County planning officials let Waterston take a shortcut apparently unavailable to the general public when he wanted to build a second house on his property in 2002.

Aug. 17, 2007: Sheriff Margaret Mims asks Waterston to return a Sheriff's Department gun he received in 2003. He had requested the gun for protection and then-Fresno County Sheriff Richard Pierce issued it to him.

Sept. 12, 2007: Waterston announces he will not seek a third term in 2008.

Source: Fresno Bee library

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