Remember the boy band Hanson? They’ve got 13 kids now

Zac, left, Taylor, and Isaac of Hanson, arrive at the iHeartRadio Music Festival in Las Vegas in 2013. The members of the 90s boy band now have 13 children and a new single.
Zac, left, Taylor, and Isaac of Hanson, arrive at the iHeartRadio Music Festival in Las Vegas in 2013. The members of the 90s boy band now have 13 children and a new single. Invision

Yes, boys and girls, boy bands do grow up.

And apparently a lot of people hadn’t noticed that Hanson did.

Isaac, Taylor and Zac Hanson, the three brothers from Tulsa, Oklahoma, who released the teeny-bopper anthem “MmmBop” in 1997, turned heads on Monday with an appearance on a British talk show.

The famously pubescent boys with long, bouncin’ and behavin’ hair are all dads now.

“Isaac, Taylor and Zac have released six albums since their 1997 debut and now have 13 kids between them,” wrote Britain’s The Sun. “But when the group appeared on telly to discuss their new single Siren Call, viewers were more interested in their incredible looks.”

A common reaction among those who don’t follow them as closely as devoted “Fansons” do: Ack, where did the time go?

“Lead singer Taylor, 35, has six children with his wife Natalie, while youngest member Zac, 32, has four and oldest member Isaac, 37, has three,” the Sun reports.

Last week, while preparing for “their biggest ever Scottish show,” the brothers caught up Scotland’s Daily Record on their post-”MmmBop” lives. They shared this little nugget: They all wound up married to fans of the band.

“We met our wives at shows,” Isaac told the Daily Record. “Meeting somebody at a show, albeit a rock ‘n’ roll fairytale, is not unusual. People meet each other at work all the time.”

Music producer Steve Greenberg told Britain’s The Guardian last year that he saw the young Oklahoma brothers “at a county fair in Coffeyville, Kansas, in the middle of nowhere - and signed them straight away.”

He said he was working with Bon Jovi - “who’s really competitive” - at the same time.

“I was in a car with him in London when the charts came on the radio. His ‘Midnight in Chelsea’ came in at No 4, making it his highest-charting solo single. Everyone was high-fiving,” Greenberg told The Guardian. “Then the DJ said Hanson had gone straight in at No 1. The whole car fell silent.”

Last fall when they released their “String Theory” album, the Hansons talked about traveling with their new “posse” - their kids.

“Well I mean, we were kids and now we have kids, so I mean we basically haven’t changed the rider since,” Taylor told E! News.

“The thing that’s cool about our lifestyles is we really have traveled and toured and worked since we were kids ... .I think the main difference really is just that there’s sort of even more of a posse, you know, as we’ve all had families. Like the party has just sort of grown.”

Greenberg called “MmmBop” a “catchy and fun” song, but also “a profound song about what’s important in life – written by children,” the Guardian reported.

Zac told E! News that more than 20 years later, people still ask the guys what “MMMBop” means.

He waxed philosophical about it.

“Well MMMBop as a word, it represents time. It represents the fact that time passes very quickly,” Zac said. “And so in a story about reaching for what’s important and kind of driving towards the impossible dream, MMMBop is telling you go now, go now, go now, because in a moment, in an MMMBop, life will be over and have passed you by.”

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