Fleeing a crash, man zipped car over lawn to get around stopped school bus, video shows

Car uses front yard to pass stopped Parkway School District school bus

A speeding car veered into the front yard of a house to pass a stopped Parkway School District bus on Wednesday morning.
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A speeding car veered into the front yard of a house to pass a stopped Parkway School District bus on Wednesday morning.

A car in Missouri sped over a sidewalk and through a person’s lawn in an apparent attempt to get around a stopped school bus, video shows.

Parkway Schools in St. Louis County, Missouri, posted the video on its Facebook page and wrote that it happened Wednesday morning. Fox2 reported that the car sped through a lawn near Henry Elementary School in St. Louis.

Police identified the driver as 52-year-old Matthew S. McCloskey, whom they arrested after the video was released to the public, according to KMOV4. The suspect said he was fleeing the scene of an accident when he tried to get around the school bus, police say.

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Police say Matthew S. McCloskey was fleeing the scene of an accident when he drove over a sidewalk and a lawn to get around a stopped school bus. Ballwin Police

In the video, the bus comes to a stop and the vehicle’s stop sign begins to flash. A black car comes to a halt — but a silver car behind it quickly zips over a sidewalk and through a patch of grass before leaving the camera’s view. Young children are heard talking in the video.

“Can you get his license plate?” a man is heard asking.

“Oh my god,” a woman responds. “I can’t see it.”

Police charged McCloskey with driving with a suspended license, violation of a school bus stop sign and leaving the scene of an accident, KMOV4 reported.

The school wrote on its Facebook post that “cars running bus stop arms are real & dangerous.”

“If kids were coming towards the bus from these houses, it could have been tragic,” the school wrote.

Another video, this one out of Gilford, New Hampshire, shows a 7-year-old boy narrowly avoid a speeding car as he walked across the street to a waiting school bus. David Cota-Robles, the boy’s father, told WMUR that “it was very scary, very scary.”

“It could have been a lot worse,” he continued. “It would have been a lot worse if we had captured a more horrific thing on the security.”

And a 15-year-old girl was killed Monday as she walked to her school bus stop in Westwood, Ohio.

Gabriella Christine Rodriguez was sideswiped by a car’s side mirror, WLWT5 reported, and the hit sent her tumbling to the ground.

Police say a second car ran over the high school freshman before speeding away, according to WLWT5. The first driver, whom police identified as 27-year-old Kenosha Sanders, stayed on the scene.

Gabriella died at the University of Cincinnati Medical Center with her family by her side, according to The Cincinnati Enquirer.

In his interview with WCPO, Eduardo Rodriguez, the girl’s father, noted that he would say “I love you” to his daughter every morning because he never knew if tragedy would strike. Now, he said, that fear proved to be true with a jarring hit-and-run accident.

“They ran her over like a godd-mn animal,” Eduardo Rodriguez told WCPO. “That’s what they did.”