‘Die Hard’ is not a Christmas movie, Bruce Willis declares. Fans say he is dead to them

Bruce Willis arrives for the UK premiere of his film ‘Die Hard 4.0’ at the Empire Leicester Square in London, Wednesday, June 20, 2007.
Bruce Willis arrives for the UK premiere of his film ‘Die Hard 4.0’ at the Empire Leicester Square in London, Wednesday, June 20, 2007. Associated Press

He said what?

Bruce Willis has declared that “Die Hard” is not a Christmas movie.

Yep, he said it at the end of his Comedy Central roast on Saturday, where ex-wife Demi Moore, Edward Norton, Cybill Shepherd and Dennis Rodmam hammered the “Die Hard” star.

(Side note: According to The Hollywood Reporter, Rodman was booed when he gave Willis grief about his movie choices. “You keep making these bomb movies like Kim, but at least he is smart enough not to release his.” Rodman said, referring to North Korean leader Kim Jong-un.)

“For some reason, the question of whether or not 1988’s action flick ‘Die Hard’ is a Christmas movie has been allowed to become an annual debate,” Vulture wrote last year. “The movie is set at Christmas, but it was released in July, like a proper blockbuster, so does it get to live in the holiday canon alongside ‘White Christmas’, ‘Scrooged’, and ‘Elf’?”

The roast-ee always gets the last word, and Willis ended the night by declaring, on the very weekend of the movie’s 30th anniversary: “‘Die Hard’ is not a Christmas movie!”

Say again?

“Bruce Willis was a bit of a Grinch at the end of his Comedy Central roast — but who can blame him after sitting through all that abuse?” Entertainment Weekly wrote.

Reporters asked Willis later how fans of the movie will react to his statement, EW reported.

“We’ll see,” Willis told them.

Well yippee-ki-yay, Bruce Willis. Some fans are not happy.

Willis can say what he wants, but fans are not listening. La la la la la la la la la.

“Bruce Willis is dead to me,” tweeted one broken-hearted fan.

Perhaps Willis missed the memo that 20th Century Fox is marking the action flick’s 30th anniversary later this year with a special holiday-themed - that holiday being Christmas - Blu-Ray release, according to Nerdist.

“Last December, we ended the debate once and for all— ‘Die Hard’ is a Christmas movie,” writes Nerdist. “After all, it’s a story about the season’s classic themes: family, the perils of greed, and the greatest gift of all ... killing your enemies.”

“And for anyone in attendance at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con, it will truly be Christmas in July. Not only will they be the first fans who get to order it, they’ll also get to unwrap special holiday cards featuring our favorite characters, quotes, and moments from the movie.”

Vulture pointed out that Willis contradicts the movie’s co-screenwriter Steven E. de Souza, who just took to Twitter in December to tell CNN’s Jake Tapper and others that yes, “Die Hard” is, in fact, a Christmas movie.

Time giddily declared in a headline: “The ‘Die Hard’ writer just settled the Christmas movie debate once and for all.”

Tapper, meanwhile, wrote his own Christmas ode to “Die Hard,” furthering the debate, which obviously, no matter what Willis says, is far from over.

“The Willis Roast will air later this month on July 29, which will give you time to refocus on your other favorite Christmas movie: Die ‘Hard 2’,” wrote Vulture.