‘Mini Satans’: Why is this ‘navy nurse’ giving a newborn baby the middle finger?

The Naval Jacksonville Hospital announced Monday night that it has removed multiple employees after images of them inappropriately handling newborn babies surfaced online.

A Facebook post, shared over 180,000 times, depicts a hospital staff member flipping off a baby with the caption “How I currently feel about these mini Satans.”

The image, which the Facebook post said came from a “navy nurse,” was a screenshot of an image shared on Snapchat, according to ABC News.

And in a video, another employee is reportedly seen holding an infant and making it dance to rap music, according to KENS5 News.

“We are aware of a video / photo posted online,” the hospital wrote on Facebook. “It's outrageous, unacceptable, incredibly unprofessional, and cannot be tolerated.

“We have identified the staff members involved. They have been removed from patient care and they will be handled by the legal system and military justice.”

middle finger

Outrage was swift from commenters on the Florida hospital’s Facebook post.

“I'm sickened by the actions taken by these two individuals!!!!!” wrote Lisa Wagoner Buttrey. “We are suppose to trust care systems.....had it been my child they did this to loosing [sic] their license would have been the last thing they needed to worry about!!!!!!!!!!”

Another person, Diane Perrot, added: “Disgrace to the nursing profession! Cudos [sic] to the Commanding Officer for holding them accountable for their actions”


While some, like Tammy Elliott, wondered if the punishment was too severe.

“While this young ladies actions [sic] were in poor judgment. I don't think she deserves to be fired.” Elliott wrote “She is young, made a huge mistake. You all attacking her innocent? Sounds to me like she has some frenemys that want her go down.”