A mother was allegedly abusing her son. His aunt posted the videos on Facebook to help.

By Brian Murphy

Janelle Peterkin
Janelle Peterkin Screen shot

A Texas mother is charged with endangering a child after videos and photos allegedly show her covering her 1-year-old son’s head with a plastic bag and stuffing a plastic bag into his mouth.

Janelle Peterkin, 23, appeared in court in Humble, Texas, on Monday. She was released from jail after posting $15,000 bond, according to multiple reports.

The videos and photos surfaced after the boy’s aunt — Ra’Neicha Broadnax — posted them on Facebook, according to Peterkin allegedly sent the photos to Broadnax’s brother, the father of the child.

In the videos, there were 64 of them, according to Broadnax, a woman can be heard taunting the child and his daddy, according to Broadnax, 20, said several of the videos show the baby being burned with a lighter.

A prosecutor described a video in court Monday, saying that in the video “an adult hand was stuffing a plastic bag into the mouth of the complainant, who appeared to be having trouble breathing.” In a photo, the prosecutor said, “officers saw ... the complainant in a child car sear with a plastic bag over his head, covering the face and tying it in a knot,” according to KPRC 2.

Broadnax said the messages were only recently discovered because Peterkin’s texts were blocked on the father’s phone.

Broadnax said told that she posted the videos to Facebook because police in Harris County, Texas, had not responded quickly enough to her calls.

Broadnax lives in Virginia.

“The video I sent to the police, she had a plastic bag, she was stuffing it down his throat,” she said. “He was throwing up, his eyes were rolling to the back of the head.”

Broadnax said the videos quickly drew attention online.

"After I put the post up, someone from New York Police Department called me and from all different states, police were calling," Broadnax told She was quickly contacted by someone from the Humble County Sheriff’s Office.

The videos were not available on Broadnax’s Facebook page Monday night. Among the many posts on her page, Broadnax wrote, “People saying everything ain’t for Facebook, but Facebook saved my nephew life.”

The boy is now staying with Peterkin’s mother, according to court testimony. There is now a restraining order against Peterkin, who must remain 200 yards away from the boy.