Winning numbers in the multi-state Mega Millions lotto game

One ticket sold in New York matched all six numbers drawn for the Mega Millions lotto game Tuesday night, which had a jackpot of $12 million.

The numbers drawn were: 2-19-44-45-56; Meganumber 43.

The 12-state grand prize will go for an estimated $12 million for Friday night's drawing, officials said.

Here are results in California for the game's remaining eight ways to win, giving winning number combination, number of tickets sold with that combination, and prize amount per ticket:

- All five numbers but without the Meganumber, 0 tickets, $130,0000 each.

- Four numbers and the Meganumber, 2 tickets, $19,857 each.

- Four numbers without the Meganumber, 165 tickets, $160 each.

- Three numbers and the Meganumber, 150 tickets, $201 each.

- Three numbers without the Meganumber, 7,946 tickets, $8 each.

- Two numbers and the Meganumber, 2,571 tickets, $12 each.

- One number and the Meganumber, 16,030 tickets, $3 each.

- Meganumber only, 30,353 tickets, $2 each.