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Tragic shootings, Pokémon in college, craft beer joy – your Morning Scoop

The number of craft brew pubs and tap rooms in the Fresno area is exploding.
The number of craft brew pubs and tap rooms in the Fresno area is exploding.

Hi, all. It’s Wednesday, August 10, 2016. Here’s your helping of the Morning Scoop.

What You Need to Know

• In a tragic accident, a 73-year-old Florida woman was shot by police during a safety demonstration.

• Also in Florida, a man is invoking the “Stand Your Ground” defense after shooting his ex-girlfriend in a Denny’s bathroom.

• A sandwich artist in Utah is in trouble for spiking a police officer’s drink with meth, which is the worst way to promote your lemonade, Subway.

• Madera County is getting a new morgue, which is not as exciting as a Dave and Buster’s but still pretty necessary.

• Clinton is leading Trump in the polls, though not as much as before.

• PG&E got busted big time.

What You Want to Know

• Alton Brown is coming back to Fresno and this time he’s bringing puppets, therapy and danger. And maybe some food?

• Fresno is not going to be running out of beer anytime soon.

• A baby is doing well thanks to a heart-lung machine that saved his life, and if you can get through this story without tearing up, you’re a stronger person than I am, you robot.

• The U.S. is doing pretty well at the Olympics right now.

What You Wish You Didn’t Know

• Fresno City College is offering a Pokémon Go class because it’s 2016 and the universe is like, “LOL IDK.”

• And finally, a California dairy industry campaign about cow farts is in our collective future, so start getting excited now.