Morning Scoop

Michael Phelps gold again, Hobby Lobby arrives – your Morning Scoop

Hey there. It’s Monday, August 8, 2016. Here’s your helping of the Morning Scoop.

What You Need to Know

• A Los Banos teen has been identified as one of two skydivers killed during a tandem jump in Lodi.

• Fresno probation chief Rick Chavez says allegations made against him by Fresno County Superior Court judges are false. (He says a lot more stuff as well.)

• The federal government has released ratings for area hospitals – in case you’re looking to plan a three-star or higher emergency.

• Hurricane season in Mexico has turned deadly.

• While fire season in California just won’t let up.

What You Want to Know

• Michael Phelps stopped selling Subway sandwiches long enough to do some swimming over the weekend.

• But the real winner of the Rio Olympics is Leslie Jones.

• Tableaux vivants are real and not just something you saw years ago on that one episode of “Arrested Development.”

• The “Hobby” part of Hobby Lobby makes sense but not the “Lobby” part. Like, how small is this store?

What You Wish You Didn’t Know

• Remember that old joke about Delta Air Lines standing for “Doesn’t Ever Leave The Airport”? Well.

• And some guy who never has held elected office before has announced his bid to run for POTUS. No, not that guy. Another one.